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Level: ECE, Primary
Grades: Pre-K-2 | Age: 2-8 | Written by: Robin Landals
[Robin is a teacher from Sturgeon County, Morinville, AB]

This is a list including a variety of ideas from barefoot mud prints to bubble blowing fun.

Muddy Foot Prints

  1. Have children step on a plate (or ice cream pail lid) of brown playdough in their bare feet.

  2. Help them scratch their name in the playdough with a straw. Let dry.

    (Hint: If you spray with hairspray while the playdough is wet it dries shiny instead of cracked)

While doing this craft you tell the children that they are going to make their own "indoor mud puddle!" They like to giggle that they are going to trick Mom - "Mom - I'm bringing mud in the house!" Mom says "No you don't" and the child laughs "It's just pretend Mom!"

Mud Print Painting:

  1. Line up two chairs facing each other but several steps apart.

  2. Place a pan of soapy water and a towel by one chair. Place a pan of brown paint by the other chair. Roll out paper between the chairs.

  3. Have kids sit down, get paint on bare feet and walk across the paper. Then sit on other chair, rinse feet in soapy water


Bubble Trouble

  1. Fill water table or buckets with bubble mix.

  2. Provide bubble wands and blowers for making bubbles.

  3. Supply a few cups or popsicle sticks for catching and popping bubbles!


You'll need to prompt the kids to get creative with their bubble making or it will be boring! Show them different ways to blow, wave, run, jump etc. and make bubbles. Wear plastic paint smocks or rain ponchos not only for fun but to protect clothing!

Lesson Notes:

Your discussion topics while doing this lesson plan can be around:

Spring - What is the weather? How is it different from winter or summer? What can we play in spring that we can't play in winter?

Talk about plants "waking" up and beginning to grow etc.

To add a science element let the kids make mud by either letting them mix the brown powdered paint for their mud feet paintings or actually putting dirt in a pail and having them add water and stir!

This lesson plan is flexible to accommodate many objectives! Be creative, get messy & Have fun!!

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