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Level: Junior, Middle School
Grades: 3-8 | Age: 8-14 | Written by: Sara Gagliano
[Sara is an art educator at Ryder Charter School in Miami Florida.]

Students will learn the importance of Ancient Greek architecture and discover how society has been inspired by Ancient Greek art, law, literature and architecture.


Students will:

What You Need:

What You Do:
  1. Teacher will introduce this lesson with a visual of the four orders: Doric, Ionic Corinthian and Composite.
  2. She/He will emphasize the importance of Ancient Greek architecture and explain how today's society has been inspired by Ancient Greek art, law, literature and architecture.
  3. Students and teacher will describe the design of each order (column.)
Day One

Students will:

  1. Fold the 8x10 sheet of paper in half and then in half again creating 4 squares.
  2. Recreate each order in each square.
  3. Display their papers.

Day Two

Students will:

  1. Choose an order they would like to recreate on the larger sheet of paper.
  2. Create the order in pencil and trace in a water soluble marker.
  3. Paint over the marker with water. (This will make the marker line spread and look antique.)
  4. Recreate the same order again using a second sheet of paper.
  5. Trace over with marker and paint over again.
  6. Cut both orders out of the page with the scissors.
  7. Fold the second drawing in half and open it up again.
  8. Glue the folded order to the first drawing of the order.
  9. Display on a wall for all to see!

Recommended Books:

Greek and Roman Art (Off the Wall Museum Guides for Kids)
by Ruthie Knapp, Janice Lehmberg

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Classical Orders of Architecture

Architecture for Kids

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