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Level: Middle School
Grades: 6-8 | Age: 11-14 | Written by: Beth Elzinga

After studying the history of their state's (or province, or country)'s most common architectural styles, students will make a scrapbook of their findings.


What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. After studying the history of the state's most common architectural styles, students are asked to gather together pictures that they think would represent each of the styles.
  2. This could be done by actually going out into the community and taking pictures, hand sketching or both. They are then asked to put them into a scrapbook and label the different architectural parts on each house (column, fan light, transom lights...etc.).
  3. Their scrapbooks can be made out of folder or construction paper.
  4. To go one step further, they can research the individual houses' history.
  5. Students might be amazed at how much history there is in their cities/towns.
  6. Discuss the findings. Did your students find what they were looking for? Were the findings as they expected?

Recommended Books:

Architecture: Colors
by Michael J. Crosbie, Steve Rosenthal
Double-page spreads feature an architectural element of a particular color on one side and the name of the color spelled out on the other.

Architecture: Shapes
by by Michael J. Crosbie, Steve Rosenthal
Double-page spreads feature a geometric shape on one side and a related architectural element on the other.

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