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Art & Writing Contests for Kids

Looking for art contests for your students and kiddos? Look no further because we at KinderArt® are dedicated to finding cool kid's art contests for you. To explore simply click on a link below. Some links will take you to more information found within the KinderArt site, while others will take you to pages outside of the KinderArt site.

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2015 Kiki's Garden Sunflower Art Contest
All Children's Art submitted will be displayed in the Kiki's Garden Sunflower Labyrinth during the Kiki's Garden Fundraiser on July 25th. The winners of the art competition will be selected for publication in their 2016 Sunflower Art Calendar. Find the entry form by clicking here.

Deadline for Submissions: 07/01/2015

External Link (not a KinderArt contest)

2015 Mystery Build Art Competition
Create a work of art using ONLY the materials provided in a Mystery Build kit! What's inside? We can't tell you, but you can expect to find some common art materials like wood, clay, cloth, metal, and plenty of surprises. All 2015 kits contain the same materials, so each creator faces the same challenges and limitations. It's an engaging project that combines the exploration of art, the challenge of a puzzle, and the fun of a game. Upload photos or video of what you make to compete for big cash prizes! Mystery Build has awarded over $50,000 to creative people like you. The yearly prize money pool grows with each new participant. The more people who play, the more you can win!

Deadline for Submissions: 10/20/2015

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Hilary Weston Writers' Trust of Canada Student Non-Fiction Writing Contest
This contest is open to all Canadian high school students (including home schooled students) currently enrolled in grades 9 through 12.
Read Guidelines Here:

Deadline for Submissions: March 31, 2015

External Link (not a KinderArt contest)

Science without Borders® Challenge
Science without Borders® Challenge is a yearly art competition that engages students to promote the need to preserve, protect, and restore the world’s oceans and aquatic resources.

Deadline for Submissions: April 27, 2015

External Link (not a KinderArt contest)

19th Annual Stained Glass Design Competition
Join the Art Smart Challenge stained glass ART competition! Draw, paint & color activity program for kids, adults and seniors. Get your friends together for a creative art experience. Enter your best art for a chance to win prizes and fame.

Deadline for Submissions: End of every month & Finals Dec 31, 2015

External Link (not a KinderArt contest)

The Radiant Peace Education Awards
The Radiant Peace Education Awards gives students an opportunity to express themselves about Radiant Peace in their own lives. All participants receive beautiful iron-on Radiant Peace Patches, and outstanding entries will also receive certificates and cash awards.

Deadline for Submissions: Ongoing

External Link (not a KinderArt contest)

Alimentary Canal Cruise Coloring Contest
Color the Alimentary Canal drawing and you can win a FREE copy of "Healthy Habits".

External Link (not a KinderArt contest)

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards offer early recognition of creative teenagers and scholarship opportunities for graduating high-school seniors. The Awards are national in scope and administered by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers

Who can Participate?: Young artists and writers currently enrolled in grades 7 – 12 and who attend a public, private, parochial or home-school in the United States, U.S. Territories or U.S.-sponsored schools abroad. Canadian students in equivalent grades are also eligible as part of the Region at Large.

External Link (not a KinderArt contest)


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