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Note: These pages may only be used for personal, non-commercial use. Teachers: feel free to reproduce these pages for classroom use. These pages may not be reproduced on another website, in print, on disc, etc. without permission from KinderArt. For details please see our legal restrictions and terms of use.

Welcome to KinderColor, featuring original one-of-a-kind pictures to print and color, as well as printable craft and activity ideas for kids. We create all of our own coloring page pictures, so you won't find these great designs and pictures anywhere else. Use the pages to print and color -- or, use them as story starters, to create puzzles, decorate bulletin boards, or for filefolder games!

Important: Although fun to work with, coloring pages should be used carefully with children - especially those in the younger grades. Most importantly, children should be allowed to express themselves freely even if using a coloring page. The goal is not to color within the lines, choose colors that are "correct" or even to follow the image in the coloring page at all. Quite often children will be inspired by whatever they see on the coloring page and it will send them on their own creative path. Never judge a child's coloring abilities. The objective should be fun and play for learning... not to "fill in the color blanks".

ACTIVITIES/GAMES (2 printables)
Country Travel Match-Up Game, In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb

ANIMALS/BABY ANIMALS (15 printables)
Lion, Lamb, Bird in a Tree with Baby Bird, Monkey and Baby #1, Monkey and Baby #2, Fis h#1, Fish #2, Fish #3, Fish #4, Fish and Baby Fish in Fishbowl, Dog and Puppy #1, Dog and Puppy #2, Frog and Baby Frog, Toad and Baby Toad, Kangaroo and Joey

ART (4 printables)
Color Wheel #1, Color Wheel #2, Warm/Cool Colors, Crayon

AUTUMN (2 printables)
Pumpkin Pie, Sunflower

CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY (4 printables)
Decorated Christmas Tree, Christmas Ornament, Reindeer with Wreath, Penguin Skiing on Candy Cane

HALLOWEEN (27 printables)
Child in ghost costume carrying treat bag, Ghost, Child in tiger costume, Child in space costume, Child in dog costume, Ghost in graveyard, Picture of masquerade masks, Giant wrapped candy, Bats and moon, Scary cat, Witch's hat with spider and candle, Flying ghosts, Picture of witch mask, Haunted house, Jack-o-lantern, Haunted tree, Giant lollipop, Little witch, Skull and crossbones, Jack-o-lantern #2, 3 Halloween Frames to Decorate, Cut Out and Use to Frame Family Photos or Drawings (#1 Ghost border, #2 Pumpkin and Bat border, #3 Bat border), 2 Halloween Cut and Color Masks, Calavera Day of the Dead Mask, Calavera Day of the Dead Mask Blank

FLAGS (4 printables)
USA, Canada, The Netherlands, France

LEAVES (3 printables)
Ash, Oak, Maple

FARM (13 printables)
Cow and Barn, Pig and Piglet #1, Pig and Piglet #2, Cow and Calf #1, Cow and Calf #2, Horse and Colt (or Filly) #1, Horse and Colt (or Filly) #2, Sheep and Lamb, Lamb, Rooster and Chick #1, Chicken and Chick #2, Duck and Duckling, Duck and Two Ducklings

FLOWERS (2 printables)
Make your own flowers.

Hiking, Canoeing, Fishing, Camping

ST. PATRICK'S DAY/SPRING (4 printables)
Baby Chick with Shamrock, Leprechaun and Pot of Gold, Lucky Shoes, Baby Cow in Shamrock Meadow

SAFETY (SAFETY BEE) (9 printables)
Wear Sunscreen, Wear a Seatbelt, Check Water Temperature, Check Batteries in Smoke Detector, Take Care When Crossing the Street, Wear Safety Equipment While Riding Your Scooter, Wear a Lifejacket, Make Sure Pets Have Up to Date Vaccinations, Play Safe on Halloween

SEASHORE (1 printable)
Child at the Shore with Lighthouse and Dory

SHAPES (7 printables)
Circle, Square, Triangle, Star, Pentagon, Octagon, Hexagon,

SNOWFLAKES (8 printables)
Snowflake patterns to print, fold, cut out and decorate.

VALENTINE'S DAY (25 printables)
Kangaroo with flowers, Happy heart character, Heart balloons, "Be Mine" heart and arrow, Heart butterfly #1, Heart butterfly #2, Heart fish, Heart shaped box of chocolates with ribbon and rose, Valentines in an envelope, Hatched chick with heart, Child with heart cutouts, Heart ribbon, Kitten and puppy, Little girl with valentines behind her back, Boy and girl on a swingset, Boy making valentines, Puppy with box of chocolates, Child with wagon filled with valentines and flowers, Boy, girl and puppy, Boy drawing pictures, 3 Valentine's Day Frames, 2 Decorate "Be My Valentine" Cards

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Click for E-Coloring Pages KinderArt E-Coloring Pages

Print and color original coloring pages again and again and again.! Our Instantly Downloadable E-Coloring Pages contain full page (8-1/2" x 11") coloring pages that you can print and color.

Volume One (Variety Images) includes forty (40) coloring pages including: Animals, Art History, Cars, Trucks, Boats, Dinosaurs, Fish, Flowers, Insects/Spiders, People and School Supplies.

Volume Two (Seasonal Images) includes forty (60) coloring pages including: Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day/Veterans Day and Christmas.

St. Patrick's Day includes twenty-two (22) coloring pages including: 17 Coloring Pages, 3 St. Patrick's Day Frames, 1 St. Patrick's Day Maze and 1 St. Patrick's Day Cut and Color Mask

Easter includes twenty (20) coloring Pages, 3 Easter Frames and 2 Easter Cards.

Christmas includes thirty (30) coloring pages including: 3 Halloween Frames, Cut and Color Masks Decorations and a Paper Village

When you purchase our coloring pages, you are licensed to distribute the pages to your students and/or your children as often as you wish.

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Color Your Own Van Gogh
Your kiddo will love this.

Color Your Own Modern Art Masterpieces
Coloring and art history. What fun.

A Coloring Book Great Composers
From Mahler to Stravinsky.

Famous Buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright
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Color Your Own Matisse Paintings
A real favorite.

Great Paintings Coloring Book
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