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If March comes in like a lion, will it will go out like a lamb?

What You Need:

Lion Printable

Lamb Printable

What You Do:

  1. Each player has a photocopy of a game card as well as a marker or crayon.
  2. As you travel through the country, look for the objects that appear on the game card. Eg: a barn, a tractor, a cow, etc.
  3. Once an object is spotted, players cross off the corresponding pictures on the card. Parents can take part by calling out objects that children may have missed.
  4. The blank square in the center is a free space. This can be filled in when an object that does not appear on the card is spotted.
  5. The idea is to cross off all of the squares before you arrive at your destination.
Variation: Children can use pencil crayons or fine tip markers to color in (instead of crossing off) the objects as they spot them.

Tip: Photocopy a few extra cards for those extra long trips.

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