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Submitted by: Tobey Williams
[Tobey is from Westminster, Colorado]

Learn how to make gingerbread houses using a few simple ingredients.

What You Need:
What You Do:

Put frosting in bags with tips.

Glue milk carton down (using frosting as glue) to cardboard square.

(Do next step for smaller children, or, with bigger children, allow them to do it themselves).

Put a graham cracker square on 2 milk carton sides.

Glue together with frosting. It's okay if it gets on grahams, it looks like snow!

Repeat with other sides.

Angle two grahams at the top for the roof and glue together with frosting.

Now let the kids have fun. White coconut can be used for snow, candies can be glued on the outside of the house, mini marshmallows can be used to build snowmen. Bigger marshmallows work better with smaller children.

Glue everything with frosting. Now the childrens' houses are completely edible, or can be put up for display. These can be used with the story Hansel and Gretel, for Christmas houses, or just plain fun.

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by: Time-Life Books
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