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Level: ECE, Primary, Junior, Middle School, High School
Grades: PreK and up | Age: 2yrs and up | Written by: Andrea Mulder-Slater
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Students will learn how to make monoprints. Monoprinting is a process whereby only one print is pulled from the printing plate.

What You Need:
What You Do:

Method # 1A
  1. Using the brayer, roll ink out onto the plexiglass, covering it completely.
  2. Using the end of a pencil or a popsicle stick, draw an image on the plexiglass.
  3. Place paper on plexi and rub lightly.
  4. Peel away paper.

Method # 1B

  1. Using the brayer, roll ink onto the plexiglass, covering it completely.
  2. Place paper over plexiglass.
  3. Using a pencil, draw an image on the paper.
  4. When you peel away the paper, the image will have transferred itself.
  5. This is very similar to using carbon paper.

Method # 2

  1. Using your paintbrush, paint a design onto the plexiglass using as many or as few colours as you like. Work quickly ... don't let the paint dry!
  2. Place paper over the plexiglass and rub lightly with the palm of your hand.
  3. Peel away paper.
  4. Sign your work.

Method # 3

  1. Prepare your paints. Start with primary colors (red, yellow and blue) and from there, mix our secondary colors (orange, violet and green).
  2. Using a pencil, "carve" lines into the foam (or leave the foam as it is).
  3. Begin adding paint to the printing plate.
  4. When the paint has been applied, lay a sheet of paper over the painted plate.
  5. Rub your hands over the paper, carefully.
  6. Lift the paper to reveal the completed print.

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