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Level: Primary
Grades: K-2 | Age: 5-8yrs | Written by: Deb Barone
[Deb is an art educator at Myerstown Elementary School, Myerstown, PA]

Making a paper sandwich, what a fun way to teach children about collage.

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Give the children long rectangular strips of paper on which to build their sandwiches.

  2. Have precut brown construction paper "bun" shapes for them to glue at either end of the strip.

  3. Instruct the children to chose from the scrap materials to fill in the space between the buns, building a sandwich layer to layer.

  4. Some of the materials we have used are ribbon, felt, burlap, crepe paper, yarn, macaroni, and stickers.

  5. The children enjoy using materials for purposes other than the way they were intended and get a good feel for one meaning of collage.
Recommended Books/Products:

Collage Bulk Pack

Collage Bulk Pack

Reinforce color and shape recognition, fine-motor skills, cooperative learning and more. Includes paper plates, colored pasta, pompons, foam, felt and cardboard precut shapes, chenille stems, foam trays, shredded tissue paper and more.


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