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Bunny Baskets

Level: ECE, Primary
Grades: PreK - Gr. 2 | Age: 2-8yrs | Written by: Tracy Cathers
[Tracy is a traveling art counselor for day care centers]

Creating an Easter Bunny Basket using recycled materials.

Note from the author: My mother started making these with us when we were quite young -- then we started making them with our own kids. I am now 40 so it's been a yearly tradition in our family for about 35 years. She doesn't remember where she first discovered it but it's been such a heartwarming craft in our family that I wanted to pass it on.

What You Need:
What You Do:

Take milk carton and push spout down flat against sides and tape down to form slope of nose for face. (NOTE: If you happen to get a cardboard carton that has one of the new round plastic spout on it, just snip it off and put tape over the hole.)

Cut out ears along the side of the carton that has the flaps taped down. Bend ears up. Poke a hole under the point that will be the nose in the sealed strip top of the carton in order to insert pipe cleaners for whiskers. Adult might have to help with this.

Using school glue, cover each side of the carton, the "face" and "ears" with cotton balls ( Make sure the kids don't put cotton balls on the bottom or on the inside). Make sure there are no exposed areas of the carton. Add a puffy tail with some extra cotton if you like. Insert pipe cleaner whiskers through hole.

Next, cut out from felt the inside color of the ears, eyes (or use wiggle eyes), nose (or use a pom pom) mouth and buck teeth and glue them on to make the face. Kids should use whatever colors they want for this step so that each bunny is their own.

Finally, set out your Easter basket overnight for the Easter Bunny and wait for it to be filled with goodies.

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