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Subject: Hanukkah Craft
Grade: K-6
Age: 4-12

Hanukkah (Chanuka) is a Jewish holiday celebrating religious freedom. During this festival, a candle is lit at the end of every day. Traditionally, each candle is placed in a Menorah. The middle candle (the shamash) and one other candle are lit on the first night. The middle candle (or shamash) is then used to light the third candle on the second night, the fourth candle on the third night, the fifth candle on the fourth night, the sixth candle on the fifth night, the seventh candle on the sixth night, the eighth candle on the seventh night and the ninth candle on the eighth night. The eighth night is when all the candles are burning at once.

What You Need:

  • Cardboard toilet paper rolls.
  • Masking or scotch tape.
  • Cardboard or wood strips. (approx 2"-3" wide)
  • Yellow and orange tissue paper.
  • Tempera paint, brushes and water.
  • Magic markers.

What You Do:

  1. Take 9 cardboard rolls - 4 pairs and one single. Keep one roll the length that it is and cut the other 4 down as shown above. The center will be the tallest.

  2. Tape (or glue) the tubes to the cardboard or wood.

  3. Paint or use magic markers to color the menorah.

  4. Glue pieces of yellow and orange tissue paper in the ends of the tubes to represent burning flames.

Recommended Books:

Hanukkah Crafts
by Judith Hoffman Corwin

Hanukkah Fun
by Judy Bastyra, Catherine Ward

Hanukkah Fun for Little Hands
by Katherine Janus Kahn

Special thanks to: Yehudit Lando, Mark Gochnour and Michele Scott-Blum for their helpful insights.

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