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"Shave" it using shaving cream and popsicle sticks. Great fun!
Submitted by: unknown


Decorate with markers and let students take his/her pumpkin to a elderly person who may be lonely.
Submitted by: Sharon Purcell


Make your own pumpkin. Tear orange construction paper into pieces (fine motor skills) and glue into pumpkin shape. Use corrugated green paper (Bulletin board trim works well for this) or green construction to form a stem and twisted tissue paper for the leaves and vine.
Submitted by: Jennifer Bucher


Set up a still life with various sizes of pumpkins and fall gourds. Have children draw the still life using simple shapes. Stress overlapping shapes and various sizes of gourds and pumpkins. Outline in black crayon. Paint inside the black lines with watercolors. Use a wet on wet painting technique to allow for the blending of colors on the skin of the vegetables. Good for grades 3 and up.
Submitted by: Jennifer Bucher


Use mini pumpkins from the grocery store. With acrylic paints have the students paint their pumpkin. They can then paint a face, make an abstract painting on the pumpkin, and add materials such as glitter or pom-poms. Anything goes, and the kids enjoy creating a unique, artistic pumpkin!
Submitted by: Katie Heugly


Preschoolers love to hammer away, but sometimes their passion can be somewhat noisy. We bought the biggest pumpkin we could find, set it on a round table dressed with 4 (toy) hammers and 4 baskets full of colored golf tees. It didn't take the children long to figure out what to do. This activity lasted a week! A week of exciting, colorful and rather quiet small motorskills-practice for our preschoolers. Happy Halloween!
Submitted by: Deborah Evans, Calgary, Alberta


After learning about how a pumpkin grows - do a shared writing using the high frequency word THE. Each page of the big book will have a picture sequencing the pumpkins growth and the teacher and students take turns writing the word THE on the line before the rebus picture.
Example: The page has a big picture of a seed and underneath is a line before a rebus picture of a seed. The lesson is to write THE on the line and read the text - The seed. The next page maybe - The sprout. Continue until you have - The Jack-o-lantern. After the class has shared the writing of the big book version, the teacher can make a small reproducible version.
Submitted by: Cindy Bohun


Use a pumpkin as a flower vase by cutting the top off a small pumpkin. Scoop it out and arrange colorful flowers in it.
Submitted by: Beth Ostapiuk


Cut off the top, scrape out the "stuff" and cut the pumpkin into circles. Dip these in paint - fall colors, pumpkin colors, spooky colors - and make huge prints.
Submitted by: Kathy Dort


This can be done with a fresh pumpkin or a Jack-o-Lantern on November 1st. Cut the pumpkin into several pieces. Put these into Ziploc® bags. The children may decide to add "ingredients" such as salt, water, paint, etc. Label what has been added to the bag and tape these to a window. Each day check these for for various types of mold growth or other changes. Decomposition is quite a lovely process! Also, keep one piece in the fridge and keep comparing.
Submitted by: Kathy Dort


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