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Grade: K-2
Age: 4-6

Thanks to Gretta Keel from Sasebo, Japan for this most excellent Father's Day gift idea.

"Some dads are away from home and whether on a business trip or out to sea serving his country, I've found it's really comforting when the kids make Dad a survival kit."

What You Need:

  • small box
  • magazines
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencils
  • crayons
  • paper
  • envelope
  • string
  • contact paper
  • assorted goodies

What You Do:

  1. Decorate a small box with a picture collage from magazines or drawings and secure it with clear contact paper.

  2. What goes inside? What does dad need to remember that you are thinking of him?

    • Dad needs a photo of you, maybe surrounded by a homemade frame.

    • He'll need a paper heart to remind him you care.

    • A Band-aid in case he needs some TLC

    • A Quarter or a Phone card so he can call home. (or ride the pony at the store)

    • A home made ID card with your fingerprints on it so he knows what kid he belongs to.

    • A drawing of you and him eating Mom's cookies together or some other activity you share.

    • A piece of paper,and a stamped,addressed envelope, to mail you a letter

    • A Hershey's kiss (or a lipstick print on paper)

    • A personal item such as a rock, if you and dad like to collect them, or a fish hook taped to a card...

    • A cassette tape, with you telling dad a bedtime story.

    • An I love you dad note in your best printing.

    • A tracing of your handprint with a piece of string glued around one of the fingers, and words that say "Don't forget, I'm thinking of you"

    • One of your small toys, like a small action figure or doll. So he can think about playing with you.

    • Things you can never find when you need them, a rubber band, a paper clip, a thumb tack, a safety pin...

  3. Put everything inside the box, tie the box shut with a ribbon or a piece of yarn and label it "Dad's survival kit"

  4. You may want to put your dad's name on it if he's going to be around a lot of other people called Dad too.
**This is an excellent way for young children to express what they feel dad needs from them and by decorating the box on the outside, it becomes a special piece of artwork from the heart.

© Gretta Keel

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