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Magazine mosaic pot.

Level: ECE, Primary, Junior
Grades: PreK- Gr. 5 | Age: 2-11yrs| Written by: Theresa Buckles
[Theresa is with the City of Temecula]

This is a lovely garden-inspired craft that teaches kids about recycling.

What You Need:
What You Do:
  1. Instruct children to choose several different pictures from magazines, cut out the pictures and start arranging them on the pot.
  2. Paint a small surface on the pot (where magazine cut-out is to be placed) with decoupage and attach the paper; continue until the pot is covered.
  3. Make sure to instruct the children to only pick a few cut outs, and make sure they are the appropriate size because if they are too large, they will not lay flat.
  4. After the pot is covered with magazine cut-outs, paint the entire pot with decoupage as a sealer (use two coats).
  5. When dry, tie raffia around rim and if desired, plant a pretty flower in it for Mom.

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