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Subject: Thanksgiving Day Craft
Grade: K-2
Age: 4-

Submitted by: Susan Futch, a teacher from Valdosta, Ga.


Creating blessing boxes to show what you are thankful for on Thanksgiving Day.

What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. Have students save their milk cartons from lunch.

  2. Wash the milk cartons and let them dry over night.

  3. Cover the milk carton with brown paper leaving the top open.

  4. Have students trace their hands onto construction paper.

  5. Cut out the hand shapes to create turkey tails to attach to the back of the box.

  6. On the front of the box print the child's name and the word blessing underneath. (ex. Jessica's Blessing Box.)

  7. Each day allow the children to print their blessings on a small strip of paper and put it into their box.

  8. They can take the project home and read their blessings out for Thanksgiving to their parents.

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Susan Futch is a teacher from Valdosta, Ga.

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