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Subject: Halloween Craft
Grade: K-6
Age: 4-12

Submitted by: Amy Schamburek as part of: Creepy, Scary and fun ideas from


What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. Place the bag over your head and feel your eyes and mouth are.

  2. Mark the places with crayon or marker or have a friend help you.

  3. Take the bag off and cut out the places you marked. These holes will be for your eyes and mouth.

  4. Decorate the mask to look like any creature you like.

  5. Put your mask on and let your friends try to guess who or what you are.

More Information:

KinderArt Multicultural Art
Masks and more.

Recommended Books:

Crafts for Halloween
by Kathy Ross, Sharon Lane Holm
Black cats, ghosts, and spiders come to life in a simple, illustrated guide to creating the perfect decorations for Halloween, designed so that even very young children can use readily available materials to master these holiday crafts.


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