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  TEACHER'S TOOLBOX (Articles, etc.)
Note: Grade levels are given as a guideline only. Lessons are always adaptable.

KinderArt® Teacher's Toolbox is your gateway to great articles for teachers. This section of KinderArt is geared toward new and student teachers but also includes many terrific resources for established educators as well.


Browse through thousands of art lesson plans for children of all ages (from PreK to high school).


ARTICLE: Art Cupboard
What every art cupboard should contain.

ARTICLE: Art Supply Safety
by Scott G. Allen

ARTICLE: Arts Standards
Find the National Visual Arts Standards here.

ARTICLE: Bringing Art into the Home or Classroom
Helpful hints for parents and teachers.

ARTICLE: Children and Art: They Go Together
From da Vinci to Nicholaides, artists have analyzed and perfected drawing techniques, passing this knowledge onto their students. by: Robert Beeching.

ARTICLE: Children's Museums: A Hands on Learning Adventure
by: Amanda Formaro.

ARTICLE: Create a Storybook with Your Child
A fun way to build your child's imagination . By Susanne Myers

ARTICLE: Extra Curricular Overload
by Amanda Formaro

ARTICLE: Help Children Learn to Write Well
United States Department of Education

ARTICLE: Helping Your Child Look Forward to School
by Amanda Formaro

ARTICLE: How to Look at and Approach a Work of Art
A guideline containing four basic components or stages of looking at art as suggested by art educator Edmund B. Feldman.

ARTICLE: How Busy Parents Can Stay Involved
There are ways that busy parents can stay involved in their children's educational growth. By Amanda Formaro.

ARTICLE: Johnny Appleseed
by Andrea Mulder-Slater

ARTICLE: Newspapers in the Classroom
by Andrea Mulder-Slater

ARTICLE: Pets in the Classroom
by Andrea Mulder-Slater

ARTICLE: Saving Children's Artwork
A frequent problem for parents is what to do with all the artwork their kids produce. By: Krista from Richland, WA

ARTICLE: So You Want to Be a Teacher
United States Department of Education

ARTICLE: Teaching Primary School Children about Japan through Art
By: Patricia Berg Ward

ARTICLE: Teaching Students Who Are Shy or Withdrawn
Adapted from: Jere Brophy

ARTICLE: Teaching Students with Autism
by Glen Dunlap and Lise Fox

ARTICLE: Teaching the Arts: The Missing Link in General Education
In an age in which aural and visual information is at a premium, few Americans are aware of the dynamics of production skills in areas such as drawing, painting, construction, dance, music, and drama. by: Robert Beeching.

ARTICLE: Top Ten Reasons to Create a Classroom Web Page
by Andrea Mulder-Slater

ARTICLE: The Art of Math
by Andrea Mulder-Slater

ARTICLE: The Giraffe - Taller Than a House?
by Amanda Formaro

ARTICLE: Warm Weather Boredom Busters
by Amanda Formaro

ARTICLE: Ways You Can Help Your Child To Express Herself With Art
Some wonderful tips. by: Robbin Towers, age 11

ARTICLE: What Do You Do With An Art Degree?
204 possibilities

ARTICLE: Why do You Weigh Less in the Water?
by Amanda Formaro

ARTICLE: Why is Art Education Important?
Find reasons to support the argument for arts in the classroom.

ARTICLE: Easy to Make Musical Instruments for Kids
by Amanda Formaro

ARTICLE: Fun, Indoor Activities for Bored Kids
by Amanda Formaro



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