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Where to find Johnny Appleseed Activities Online: KinderArt - K12 (For Teachers & Homeschoolers)
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Where to find Johnny Appleseed Activities Online

Written by: Andrea Mulder-Slater
[Andrea is one of the creators of]

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Apples hold special meaning for educators and have a history unlike any other fruit or vegetable. For teachers especially, apples represent something very special, for since the beginning of time, an apple on teacher's desk was a gift of (sometimes anonymous) adoration from a student.

September 26 is the birthday of the legendary John Chapman (otherwise known as Johnny Appleseed), March 11 is the anniversary of his death, and October is National Apple Month - three opportunities for teachers to take their favorite fruit friend and integrate him into every area of the curriculum... literally.

Read on and discover where you can find apple info all over the internet. Enjoy!

Apple Arts and Crafts

An Apple for the Teacher

Make Apple Cinnamon Dough

Make Vegetable Prints with Apples

Make an Apple Doll

Apple Recipes

Apple Muffins Recipe

Apple Smiles Recipe

Apple Spread Recipe

Apple Bread Recipe

Apple Fun has games, information on apples and a place to send virtual apple cards.

Apple History

John Chapman
AKA Johnny Appleseed -- this is a terrific site for kids!

How Did Johnny Appleseed Help the Pioneers Move West? is a kindergarten lesson plan that will help your students recognize the pioneer John Chapman, known as Johnny Appleseed as they begin to understand how Johnny Appleseed helped the early pioneers who were moving westward to start new homes and farms.

Apple Social Studies

Good Apples will introduce your grade 3-6 students to the concept that everyone is the same in some ways and different in others.

Apple Language Arts

An Apple for Your Thoughts is intended for upper elementary students. who while in writing classes are given apples and are asked to examine them closely for unique characteristics that will serve as the basis for a descriptive paragraph.

Apple Math

Apple Math
Lots of great ideas.

More Apple Math
Even more great ideas!

Cross Curriculum Apples

Apple Theme/Unit
Grab a basket and start picking some ideas for your theme on apples.

Apples will show you how to use the apple in several curriculum areas including nutrition, art, math, science and so on.

Johnny Appleseed Links

Even more Apples

An Apple for the Teacher features a slew of apple activities.

Happy Birthday Mr. Appleseed offers more apple-related activities, links and more.

© Andrea Mulder-Slater, KinderArt®

© KinderArt ® |

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