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Top Ten Reasons to Create a Classroom Web Page

Here we discover why its a really good idea for you and your students to create and maintain a classroom web page. Once you read through the following top ten list, you can have a peek at some sites to help you create your very own classroom page on the Internet. Its not as difficult as you might think. Really.

10 Homesick. Did Johnny miss school again last week Thursday? A web page is a great way to let him (and others like him) know what the current homework assignment is. Likewise for students who are homebound or hospitalized. A wonderful way for your students to feel connected with their peers.

9 Distant relations. Your students have relatives all over -- right? Well think of how wonderful it would be for grandmothers, aunts and cousins who live in cities far away from your school - to see what their grade 3 relations are up to.

8 Friends from all over. Connecting with classrooms from around the world is a great way for your students to learn about far away lands and kids from other countries. Let your students find out what their peers from around the globe learn in school, what they think about science, what they eat for lunch.

7 Reading and Writing and ... A classroom web page gives your students an opportunity to write stories and opinions that many, many people from Africa to Australia will be able to read. Now how's that for an incentive. Also, your young artists will have a lovely time creating cool graphics for your page. And, let's not forget that the next Bill Gates might be sitting in the third row or your classroom. Let him or her at the computer and see what materializes.

6 Parents and Guardians. Is there an important letter going home? A field trip next week? Perhaps you are currently seeking parent volunteers to help out with that art project next month. A classroom web page let's parents have a peek at what's going on - just in case Mary loses her backpack (and school newsletter) on the way home.

5 Events. Is your classroom involved in a walk-a-thon? Are your students planning a trip to a seniors residence? A web page is a great way to publicize what it is that you are up to -- and why.

4 Links. Are you learning about the soil in Alberta? Did you just finish studying the life span of an iguana? Did your students find any information on the Internet? Well great! List the links and archive them on a classroom website. It'll come in handy next year.

3 Feedback. A web page lets people from all over see what your students have accomplished and send comments and questions instantly. Your kiddos will love it.

2 Show and Tell. Strut your stuff! If your students have just finished creating a classroom mural that is, well, magnificent, wouldn't it be a shame to keep that from the rest of the world? Let folks know about it!

1 Memories. Teachers see so many faces coming in and out of their classrooms. Wouldn't it be lovely to keep a visual record of all the wonderful things your students said, did and learned throughout the year? Oh wait ... you can. A classroom web page.

Help is Just a Click Away

Ok, so you don't know the first thing about designing a web page. You have one of four choices.
You could hunt down a friend, relative or associate who knows the ins and outs of programming. However, once they have you set up, you will still have to get in there with your updates ...
You could ask your students if anyone knows how to design a page. You might be surprised (or not) to learn that 10 year old Jimmy has been creating sites for all of his family members since late last year.
You could try out the following tutorials or magic page creators that are designed to help you do your thing online.
Finally, why not try a combination of the above methods? Not a bad idea.

Webster's Classroom
This site make it easy for teachers to connect with parents by providing an easy to use tool for creating classroom webpages. Best of all, it's totally FREE! Teachers simply signup and fill out the information they want on their webpage using their easy-to-use interface. In less than 2 minutes, teachers will have their own personalized webpage!

Mr. Sprecken's Classroom (Room 147)
Great stuff from Gary Sprecken and his fabulous students.

Lissa's HTML Help for Kids
Lissa is a 12 year old web-designer who has put together a terrific how-to resource for kids. Way to go Lissa!.

Make Your Own Web Page
This program will help you create a simple webpage that you can display for all to see.

SchoolNotes.com is an easy-to-use service designed to allow individuals to place school information on the www without having to worry about programming.

Teachers.Net Home Page Maker
Just fill in the blanks and voila - a web page is yours!

Teachers.Net Website Handbook
A step-by-step, walk-you-through tutorial.

Get creating that page!

© Andrea Mulder-Slater

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